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Biehler x En Route: Opening Ride

The grand kick-off of our partnership between Biehler and En Route was a massive success. Over 40 riders joined us for the opening group ride followed by pizza, drinks and a cheeky Q&A on the brand.

New Kit Day: Ruckus Racing x Samsara Cycle

OMFGGGG— look at our new Ruckus Racing team kit!!! It’s so perfect and screams us. New kit day means… you know, we take the opportunity to go out and create content, eh eh.
Massive thank you to Samsara Cycle for making it all happen for us.

Electric Rodeo: Ruckus Racing x The Cycle Collective

Our very first in-person sweaty Ruckus and Friends event was a blast! The Ruckus Racing team partnered up with The Cycle Collective to host a very special enduro class— a true indoor Electric Rodeo! It’s always so much fun when the community comes together to get to know one another, to chat all things bikes or simply train together!

Strava 2022 Year In Numbers Vancouver Female Cyclist

2022 In Numbers

Every year I choose a word I want to represent how I’ll tackle the year ahead. 2022 was about consistency. My biggest accomplishment has been living up to it, even when it was hard to.

Ruckus Racing Bike Team Flash Content Creation Ride Around Downtown Vancouver Cambie Bridge Burrard Bridge

Ruckus Racing: Flashy Content Creation

It was Wednesday night, we got all dressed up and all we wanted was to ride our bikes, have some fun and create some fun flashy Ruckus Racing content.

'Murica: Fairhaven to Edison

‘Murica: Fairhaven to Edison

The crew headed back to ‘Murica to ride the coast for our weekly Sunday coffee ride and soak up the fall vibes from Fairhaven to Edison.

Party In The USA: Chuckanut Dr.

Party In The USA: Chuckanut Dr.

The crew had a party in the USA and rode the scenic Chuckanut Dr. from Blaine to Bellingham. This edition of riding brand new roads was an absolute blast!

2022 Okanagan Grandfondo Weekend

2022 Okanagan Grandfondo Weekend

The 2022 Okanagan Grandfondo weekend was full of fun and some big team win energy. Loads of PRs and goals crushed across the board.

VO2Max Testing at the UBC Lab with DRKHORSE Physiology Studios

VO2Max Testing at the UBC Lab

It’s hard to increase your performance if you don’t know what’s limiting your progress—VO2Max testing at the UBC Lab was a game changer!

PNE Rollercoaster Criterium

PNE Rollercoaster Criterium

The PNE Rollercoaster Criterium hosted by Escape Velocity was most certainly one of my biggest 2022 race highlight… and a real emotional rollercoaster!