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San Diego: Training Camp

Wholesome San Diego Training Camp — 8 days • 870.74KMs • 16266m of elevation

Class of 2024: Ruckus Racing

Another year, new team photos who dis? The execution of the vision went exactly as planned. Living up to our ethos:
Having Fun, Taken Seriously 🌷✨

This Is 34

This Is 34. Each year, a new chapter is written. Each passing year is my greatest gift ♡

My First Olympic Weightlifting Meet

I competed in my first olympic weightlifting meet. The outcome was quite surreal— I made 5/6 lifts, PR my clean & jerk and added 3kg to my 100kg total goal.

Festive500 | 500km In Less Than 24h

I completed the #Festive500 in one-go, on Zwift, with no draft, no pace partner and very minimal elapsed time, in less than 24h. What a doozy!

2023 In Numbers

Every year I choose a word I want to represent how I’ll tackle the year ahead. 2023 was about discipline. My biggest accomplishment has been living up to it, even when it was hard to.

Bye Bye Hangxiety

While it’s been mostly private, the alcohol-free lifestyle shift has been everything for me this year. Happy one year soberversary to moi ♥

Biehler Brand Summit: Vancouver

The best of the 2023 Biehler Brand Summit in Vancouver.

Self-Care Day: Circle Wellness

Train hard, recover even harder. No better place to visit for a supreme self-care day then the Circle Wellness; a private self-guided thermal spa.

2023 Race Season Recap

Starting the season pinning number 666, to surviving the cold and wet road races, to cross-border stage races, to a gazillion weekly crit races — here’s my 2023 race season recap.